IMAF -International Multimedial Art Festival

Nenad Bogdanovicが企画する、IMAFのオンラインフェスティバルにパフォーマンスの映像を出してます。
9/8 20:30〜 Candle Face
9/9 20:00〜 Moisturizing a body

I’m participating IMAF online curated by Nenad Bogdanovic. I am so pleased to participate on this event. My work will presented at 8th Sep 20:30- and 9th Sep.


The IMAF 2020 online video program is ready for presentation. The program will be presented from September 4th to 9th, every evening from 7 pm CET. You will be able to watch the program on the following page of the IMAF festival website:
The program can also be watched on the YouTube channel:
Videos have already been uploaded to YouTube, but the start of viewing is scheduled according to the program proposed.
I believe you will enjoy IMAF 2020 online video program.

19:00 Alexandra Holownia (Poland-Germany) – “Domestic Patriarchy”
19:30 Amy Guilfoyle, Ireland – “I Must, I Should, I Have”
20:00 Anita Cheng, Hong Kong-China – “Boundaries”
20:30 Artur Tajber, Poland – “Thinking ‘bout my generation”
20:45 Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Germany & Vincenzo Fiore Marrese, Italy – “It’s time”
21:00 Calum Eccleston, UK – “I Understand Only in Human Terms”
19:00 Dimple B, Shah, India – “A Ritual of Transendence”
19:30 Heather Warren-Crow, USA – “Audio Evidence of Indefinite Universal Supplication Breakfast”
20:00 Craphone Liu, Taiwan – “Remember me”
20:30 Edwin Jimeno, Colombia – “Conversación con un hombre ausente”
20:45 Eva Dabara, Israel – “A Room of My Own”
21:00 Fausto Grossi, Italy-Spain – “No Title”
21:15 Nitesh Kushwaha, India – “Covid 19 axis”
19:00 Hortense Gauthier, France – “Movement for time and space No34”
19:15 Lorenzo Papanti, Italy – “Third-First Person”
19:30 Izabela Brudkiewicz, UK – “Semiotics of a child kitchen”
19:45 Irena Paskali, Northern Macedonia-Germany – “Open Dialog”
20:00 OPEN ACTION- John G. Boehme, Madeleine Elia, Brenda Petays, Judith Price, Grace Salez, Jayne Storey, Canada – “Solstice”
20:30 Makoto Maruyama, Japan – “I wait only for the thunderstorm”
20:45 Janusz Plota, Poland – “Human body artwork of freedom”
21:00 Lavoslava Benčić, Slovenia and Marcello Lussana, Italy – “Audible Interactive Poetic Plant”
19:00 WWW Johannes Deimling, Germany – “it ain-t over until it-s over”
19:30 Satadru Sovan, India – “Haxxy dexxsy box isolation zone”
20:00 Paloma Orts, Spain – “Cleanse soul”
20:15 Ruth Vigueras Bravo, Mexico – “Slow Death”
20:30 Maura Prosperi, Italy – “Esposizione”
20:45 Valeria Barbas, Moldova – “Windows”
21:00 Ileana Gherghina, Romania – “Girl Intoxicated”
19:00 Stephanie Hanna, Germany – “Fishing for images”
19:30 Sanskar Verma, India – “Extinct Rituals”
20:00 Sarah H. Paulson, USA – “Witness”
20:30 Seiko Kitayama, Japan – “Candle face”
20:45 Nenad Bogdanovic, Serbia – “Self Exchange”
21:00 Satadru Sovan, India – “Utopianization”
19:00 Sofia Vera, Mexico & Makame Orozco, Mexico – “La Maquina De Hamlet”
19:30 Ras Sankara, Togo – “La zombiecratie”
20:00 Seiko Kitayama, Japan – “Moisturing a body”
20:30 Vaishak Raj. India – “Secret Voices”
20:45 Syporca Whandal, Hungary – “The Punishment of Cain”
21:00 Satadru Sovan, India – “Brunt snow”