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“Plastic Bottles”

duration:  30minutes
date: 6th March 2022
event: Marginal Women09〜ガラスの船は夕方5時に出港する〜
organizer: Akai Yasuhiro and Sekiya Izumi, 赤井康弘、関谷泉


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Draw A Square Inside Your House”

duration:  30minutes
date: 5th March 2022
event: Marginal Women09〜ガラスの船は夕方5時に出港する〜
organizer: Akai Yasuhiro and Sekiya Izumi, 赤井康弘、関谷泉


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“No title”

duration: 3 hours
date: 11th February 2022
event: Ima ha Shizukani Performance demo / 今は静かにパフォーマンスでも
venue: on the street out of ART×JAZZ M’s
organizer: Sekine Marou 関根マーロウ
description: I'd been sitting 3 hours putting toys inside my clothes that sounded
noisy and shined colorfully.



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“動かしたいの! /  We want to move them ! “

date: 11th December 2022
event: Ima ha Shizukani Performance demo
venue: ART×JAZZ M’s
organizer: Sekine Marou 関根マーロウ
description: We put all the chairs together, then tried to move them by making sounds.
We played the instruments in the space, tapped the floor and shouted.
This performance is not only sound performance but also communicative performance.

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“Waiting For Flowers”花が咲き、萎むのを待つ

date:  2nd Aug 2022
duration: 12 hours (from2am to 2pm)
I’d seen flowers until it bloomed completely.I opened curtain as flowers bloom and 
I closed curtains as them withered.

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“Chasing a Shadow”「影を追いかける」

duration: 7:35am to 5:34pm (From sunrise to sunset)
date: 10th March 2021
venue: From Mitukyo to Asamino,Kanagawa



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“You Can’t Stop Our Walk To Democracy”

duration: about 7 hours
date: 19th February 2021
description: This performance is for Myanmar people who are against Military coup.ミャンマーでの軍によるクーデターに反対する人々への応答として行なったパフォーマンス。



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“At Home”

duration: 7 minutes
date: 27th November 2020
event: 4th LIKHANDULA International Arts exchange and collaboration 
organizer: Artist,Inc 



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“Watering In Square”

duration: 20 minutes
date: 8th November 2020
event: rooftop pafo +hot pod fun event
organizer: Maco(Mali) Scentcat

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“Snail” 「カタツムリ」

duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
date: 24th October 2020
event: 見えない経験、組織されない身体, さいたま国際芸術祭2020  
Invisible experiences, unorganized bodies , Art Sightama
organizer: Sakiko Yamaoka
photo: 唐詩慧


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“Life As a Butterfly”

duration: 6 minutes
date: 12th September 2020
event: SIPAF Solidarity In Performance Art Festival online
organizer: Boyet De Mesa

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“As Rolling Down the Hill” 「転がり落ちるように」

duration: 30 minutes
date: 26th July 2020
event: 休日パフォーマンス Holiday Performance
collaborated with Megumi Shimizu
description: 斜面を転がり降りて、重機のある工事現場で泥を投げ合った。
I rolled down the hill and throw a mud each other.

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“Sugar of Our Life” 「わたしたちの砂糖」

duration: 18 minutes
date: 20th June 2020
venue: Toki Art Gallery
event: Yohei Kina solo-exhibition
organizer: Yohei Kina


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“Painting” 「絵画」

duration: 20 minutes
date: 13th June 2020
venue: Toki Art Gallery
event: Yohei Kina solo-exhibition
organizer: Yohei Kina


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“At Home” 「自宅にて」

date: continued from 25th January to 17th May
venue: My home
event: At home
organizer: Seiko Kitayama
英語の「 home」は「普段、住んでいる場所」「落ち着く、快適な場所」という意味があり、「house」は
home」と「house 」は建築物としては同じものを指すが、

I encountered interesting difference between the word “home” and “house”. The  word “home”  means “The place which people usually live in,  or the place that are comfortable and being settled”. On the other hand, the word ”house” just means ” a house as a building”. These two words point the same place but they have different meanings. I think that our actions and lives change the meaning of the place, from “ house” to “home”. To make my house to be my home, I bought some desks, chairs and home appliances, let the gas and the electricity through, set nameplate and planted some flowers on the garden. Are those actions performance art or not ? I’ve had performance events continuously in my house to think about this issue.


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“Play In the Pass Which Stream Flows” 「水の通り道で遊ぶ」

date: 2nd May 2019
venue: Oshima island, Tokyo 伊豆大島
event: Koui Izen#9 行為以前#9


“Pushing  Layers”  「地層を押す」

date: 2nd May 2019
venue: Oshima, Tokyo 伊豆大島
event: Koui Izen#9 行為以前#9

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“行為以前#9ー大島” Koui Izen#9ーOshima

date: 29th April- 3rd May 2019
venue: Oshima , Tokyo 伊豆大島


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“Waiting A Cup of Hot Water Temperature Down ”「コップ一杯のお湯が水に戻るのを待つ」

date: 2nd-3rd Nov 2019 
duration: About 1 hour half  ×4 times
event: 絵画教室みたいな絵画教室展  organized by Art Maru
venue: Gallery Hanagura ギャラリー花蔵(長野市)

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“A Nail” 「一本の釘」

duration: 20 minutes
date: 3rd March 2019
by:Masaki Hirose

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“To the Sunset”「夕日に向かう」

duration: 20 minutes
date: 14th Feb 2019
event: Ase-mizu  「あせみず」
organized by: Riko Takahashi
description: I set one light and slowly walked  toward the light breathing inside
my holding hands. There were 3 silver ball inside them, and those are frying.
I stopped in front of the light and put my hands in my pockets, where is a salt
inside. I breathed salt out and the salt dropped on the floor. I walked
backwards as I breathed my hands and at the corner of the gallery
and I finished the performance.





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“行為以前#6ー上野” 「KOUI IZEN#6ーUeno」

duration: 24 hours
date: 5th-8th Feb 2019
venue: Tokyo art University gallery and Ueno Park


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“No Title”

duration: About 1 hour half  ×4 times
date: 4th Nov 2018
event: 絵画教室みたいな絵画教室展  organized by Art Maru
venue:Gallery Hanagura ギャラリー花蔵(長野市)


“Saying the Opposite of…” 「反対のことを言う」

duration: 30 minutes
date: 13th Sep 2018
venue: Tomioka-town Fukushima 冨岡町、福島県
event:Responding: International Performance Art Festival and Meeting
わたしたちは人の役に立っている。」 言葉(抜粋):北山聖子、東秋帆

This performance had done at the border of the Difficult-to-Return Zone
at Tomioka town Fukushima. I said several sentences that opposed to the facts.
After that actions, I let one audience do like me.
"I am a man.
I have a blond hair and blue eyes.
Today is sunny, really good weather.
The things that the car brings is not specific wastes.
The place I had been lived was always safe.
I have no place that I can't go back.
I don't feel grief.
I am living here.
I have no family.
I know well about this place.
I am suffering.
I am crying.
We do something good for others."  
selected sentences by Seiko Kitayama, Akiho Azuma


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“With A String” 

duration: 3 hours
date: 8th Sep 2019
venue: Iwakiyumoto, Fukushima 
event: Responding: International Performance Art Festival and Meeting
description: I coiled a white string with a needle on the wall of the closed store. I put
the needle into my mouth and stretch it. I could only move the area which the white
string arrives. It was drizzling.



“Existence As Humidity Series ”  「湿度としての存在シリーズ」

date:11th July 2018
event:Tokyo Performing Arts Festival   
venue:NakanoZERO Tokyo 
organizer: Koji Kawai
"Raise the Humid Inside the Case By Breathing  「ケースの中の湿度を呼吸で上げる」

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" Waiting A Cup of Hot Water Temperature Down  「冷めるのを待 つ」
duration:1h 30mins

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” Raise the Humid Inside the Case 「ケースの中の湿度を上げる」
duration:3 hours




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“Open”  「開く」

date:27th May 2018
duration:2h 30min
event:座論出逢・ 亜苦庶ん-Salon der Aktion-
venue:Denchu Hirakushi House and Atelier/旧平櫛田中邸アトリ Tokyo 
organizer:  Megumi Shimizu, Seiko Kitayama
photo by: Naoki Takehisa, Megumi Shimizu, Osamu Adachi   




” Playing Rock! Paper! Scissors! with Sky ”  「空とジャンケンする」

30minutes video performance
venue:NakanoFREAK OUTgallery , 中野フリークアウト、
organizer: Shunichi Saitou
descroption: わたしの見上げる空はわたしの味方か?空は光が降り注ぎ、青く透き通るように晴れ、

Is the sky always a friend of mine? The sky always gives us sunshine, rain and the beauty of itself…blue sky… But many fighters covers our land and bombs fallen our land from the same sky at the 70 years ago. And now also our blessed land changed to be exposed to radiation at Fukushima after the disaster of 3.11. How can we fight with the enemy not to be seen? The result that has to fear about it hurts us decisively. Can you see your enemy? Is the sky always a friend of you?




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duration:40 minutes
date:18th Nov 2017
event:Nagano Cinema Lab's Open Experiment / 長野実験映像室
organizer: Nao Nakazawa
collaboration with
SEIKO KITAYAMA - performance art



“Does the Stones feel My Breathing?”  「 石は息を感じるか?」

duration:30 minutes
date:18th Nov 2017
organizer:Art Maru
description: 海で拾ってきた3つの石を重ねる。微妙なバランスで重なっている。椅子を転がし

I piled up three stones which I got from seasides. I knocked over  a chair and lay on it. 
I breathed to the stones as I was trying to find a comfortable point on the chair.



6.a stitch01

“A Stitch”  「ステッチ」

duration: 2 hours 
date:2nd Sep 2017
event: Like a dance floor summer festival  / ダンスフロア的夏祭り
organizer: Aki Mori



6.a stitch 02

“A Stitch”  「ステッチ」

duration: 2 hours  
date:2nd Sep 2017
event: SIPAF(solidarities in Performance Art in  Phillippines) PUP University Phillippines 
organizer: Boyet de Mesa
description: シンガポールのフェスティバルでは検閲のため実現できなかったパフォーマンス。

This is the performance that couldn’t have done in Singapore because of the censorship.
The space was filled with many people and the atmosphere is little bit excited.
I ask them “Please tell me one criticism for your government”
“A leaf between you and me” one by one. The corruption and bribes of politicians killed
many drug users and pushers without any judgment, they told me a lot. And I saw a stitch
on their clothes,and then I saw also a stitch on my T-shirt. The amount of stitches is the
number of criticisms. This idea came from 1000 stitches that many women had made,
praying for their husbands, father and boyfriend safety under World War II.

14_03_Seiko Kitayama_officilly licensed performance_2017

“Officially Licensed Performance “

duration: 3 hours
date: 2nd July 2017
event: Performance Resources Orchestra 
venue:Intersection gallery and outside SINGAPORE
organizer: Yuzuru Maeda

わたしは、4つの案を提出した。一つはシンガポール政府を批判するもの、日本政府の法改正を批判するもの、上半身裸になるジェンダーに関するもの、そしてただ掃除をするもの。そして「この中から、シンガポール国内で行って良いパフォーマンスを選んで下さい。わたしはそれに従います。」と書き添えた。答えは「服を着るならば、3つ目のパフォーマンスをして良い。」との回答だった。それではコンセプトに反したパフォーマンスになる。必然的に4つ目のパフォーマンスになった。わたしは「Officially Licensed Performance」というTシャツを着て、ギャラリーの中からシンガポール市内を掃除して回った。人々はわたし達を掃除人と思い、わたしのバケツにゴミを放り込んだり、ここを掃除してくれと頼んできたりした。この作品は、シンガポール国内での交渉に尽力して下さった前田譲氏の協力があったから実現出来た作品である。

When we do the performance in the Singapore, we must write down everything we would do in the performance. Will be naked? Or criticize government? Or about religion? It checked and sorted beforehand.
I suggested 4 ideas. One is about critic for the Singapore government, about critic for the Japanese law change, about Gender being naked of my upper body and the 4th idea is just doing cleaning inside and outside of the gallery. And I wrote “Please choose one idea I can do in your country. I will follow your suggestion.” Their answer is “If you wear your clothes, you can do the third idea.” But if I can’t be naked at that idea, it will not be my work. Consequently, I will do the 4th idea. I make the T-shirt written “Officially Licensed Performance”, wear it and started cleaning.  After finished inside the gallery, we had gone outside and had continued cleaning. Thank you for your help, Yuzuru Maeda. This performance could have done because of your big help.




“Trip With…” 

duration: 1 hour
date: 27th Apr 2017
event: GUYU International Performance Art Festival 谷雨国際行為芸術祭
Xian China
organizer: Xian Xixi
description: 廃墟になった印刷工場をトリップするパフォーマンス。観客と歩き同じものを見る中で




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“Stay With Me”  

duration: 10 minutes
event:GUYU International Performance Art Festival 谷雨国際行為芸術祭 Xian China
organizer: Xian Xixi
description: 「Stay with me」と書いてある壁の前で観客と背を合わせ、「右手を上げて」
始める。「Stay with me」という願いとその願いの享受、そして共働について。




“Needles Between You And Me”

duration: 30 minutes
date: Apr 2017
event:GUYU International Performance Art Festival 谷雨国際行為芸術祭 Xian China
organizer: Xian Xixi
description: 観客一人一人に口に縫い針をはさんでもらう。一人一人キスをして、針をもらっていく。

I asked audience to stand in a circle and to put a needle on their mouthes. I kissed
audience one by one and get a needle back to my mouth. Then I ate a mango. I did
this work because I suddenly feel sad to communicate with warm, friendly Chinese



14_01_Seiko Kitayama_a leaf                                                                           

“A Leaf Between You And Me -Anger-“

duration: 15 minutes 
date:2nd Aug 2017
event:Nippon International Performance Art Festival Asia 2017
organizer: Seiji Shimoda
photo by  Meba Kurata 倉田めば

2017.8 “A leaf between you and me, “I ask could you get angry for this leaf for me?” I ask for the audience of a woman. One woman hesitated to angry and say some words for anger with a laugh, and a woman didn’t accept it and go away. One single mother got angry with groaning, then naturally tears came from my eyes. And also the single mother of Myanmar got angry with crying and I cried with a sob and we embraced each other. After a while, she said “OK?” looked into my eyes with her sums up. I felt it really pretty and laughed. Why did I ask anger for those women audiences? I asked to cry to men audience at the next of my work. I think in the situation in our world now, women need to express anger and men need sadness. It’s the way to understand each other. This is just my romanticism.




14_02_Seiko Kitayama_a leaf_2017

“A Leaf Between You And Me”

duration: 20 minutes    
date: 8th Jul 2017
event: Performance Resources Orchestra  Singapore
organizer: Yuzuru Maeda
description: あなたとわたしの間にある一枚の葉について。
photo by  Quin Tin




“Woman Snow Curving” 「女の体で雪を彫る」

duration: 30 minutes 
date: 7th Feb 2017
event: The 22nd Nippon International Performance Art Festival International 
   Iizuna mountain seminar 
organizer: Seiji Shimoda



Scissors between you-Seiko Kitayama 2017 photo by Meba Kurata

“Scissors Between You And Me”

duration: 15minutes
date: 30th Jan 2017
event: The 22nd Nippon International Performance Art Festival
venue: 3331Arts Chiyoda 
organizer: Seiji Shimoda
photo: Meba Kurata 



candle face Seiko Kitayama 2016

“Candle Face”

40 minutes video performance
group exhibition: “Cherry-gang-gang”
venue: Cherry Red
organizer:Shunichi Saitou

description: 顔というテーマを受けて作った映像作品。スペースは赤い壁だというので、赤い蝋燭を購入しビデオ作品を撮ることにした。火を灯し顔の上にかざした瞬間の熱さに思わず顔が歪んだ。赤い蝋が筋になって落ち固まり、顔を覆うように垂らし続けた。顔が完全に覆い尽くされて見えなくなってから手をあて力を入れると、蝋は全て剥がれ落ち、赤い蝋の顔型が残った。これはわたし個人の化粧に関するトラウマに関する作品。初めての化粧を見せた時にもらった言葉は「汚い」だった。いつもの化粧よりも念入りにチェックして蝋を満遍なく垂らす。









duration: 30 minutes 
date: 30th Jul 2016
event: 2nd Nagano Cinema Laboratory / 長野映像実験室 第二回公開実験 
venue: Gallery Hanozo /ギャラリー花蔵
movie: Nao Nakazawa
organizer: Nao Nakazawa

映画監督 中澤尚博のアメリカの養鶏場の映像、ArtMaruの笛、Judy Tenkuのギター、Shimon Katoのドラムとパフォーマンスアートのコラボレーション




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duration: 30 minutes 
date: 17th Jul 2016 
event: The sight of water  / 水のある光景」
venue: .kiten
organizer: Tsuki Yomihiko
絵画展示として 鬼頭 明稚氏の水面の表層を描いた具象とも抽象ともとらえられるタブローを、2M四方






duration: 10 minutes   
date: 14th May 2016
event: Seiji Shimoda Performance workshop / 霜田誠二パフォーマンスアートワークショップ
organizer: Seiji Shimoda


“Konnyaku / 蒟蒻”

duration: 10 minutes  
date: 14th May 2016
event: NIPAF NOW  /二パフの現在
organizer: Seiji Shimoda

写真家 金村修のエッセイで「フィルムをがんもや時にはコンニャクにはさみたいという欲望を持つこと。それは多分誰にも理解も共有もされない欲望だ。」と書いてあった。アートをやる人間たるもの、そういう欲望を持たなくては!という思いを持った。インスタントカメラで自分の恥部、陰部を撮影する。観客にも撮影させる。陰部、陰茎、尻、円形脱毛症の跡、鼻の孔、耳の穴、胸。インスタントカメラを石で砕きフィルムを取り出し、がんもとコンニャクを取り出した。コンニャクでフィルムを挟み擦る。がんもで挟む。ぬるぬるべとべと。こんにゃくがくさい、という声が聞こえる。激しく擦るとガンモが粉々になる。フィルムを壁に張り付けて、コンニャクを全力で投げる。がんもを投げる。投げつけ続ける。パフォーマーの息が上がってゆく。そして終わる。



4.My Japanese Flag Seiko Kitayama 2015

“My Japanese Flag”    

duration: 30minutes    
date: 17th Jul 2015
event: METACTION~Art as Action and Transform /METACTION-行為と変容のアート
venue: Shiroto-no- ran store12/素人の乱12号店
organizer: Masaki Hirose, Seiko Kitayama






“Red River”

duration: 20minutes 
date: 9th Jun 2015
event: Tokyo Performing Arts Festival/東京創造芸術祭 
venue: NakanoZERO 
organizer: Koji Kawai





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duration: 30minutes
date: 29th May 2015
event: Tokyo Performing Arts Festival Pre-event / 東京創造芸術祭 プレイベント
venue: NakanoZERO 
organiser: Koji Kawai
photo: Mamoru Kimura

description: 透明のシートを足で引っ張りながら出してくる。足にシートを絡めながら時計周りに回転する。次は反時計回り、ごそっごそっと音がする。髪を三つ編みに編む。ビニール袋を編み込む。赤い毛糸で止める。4箇所編み込むと袋が顔の下に空間を作る。水を飲み、袋に吐き出してゆく。吐き出す水は赤い。また飲み吐き出す。段々と水が溜まるにつれて、ゆっくりと体をかがめているようだ。赤い水が床に着く。ゆっくりと透明のシートにくるまる。シートの中でひっそりと赤い水の入った袋を切った。水が溢れてゆく。しばしくるまり、終わる。



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Collaboration Performance with Katie Cercone(Go!PushPops!) and Notura Verage

duration: 30minutes
date: 29th May 2015   
event: Tokyo Performing Arts Festival Pre-event / 東京創造芸術祭 
venue: NakanoZERO 
organizer: Koji Kawai
photo: Mamoru Kimura
description: わたしは彼女たちにアメリカの服を着せられる。わたしは彼女たちに日本の浴衣を着せる。
の丸を押し当てる。わたしは「God Bless America!!」とパフォーマンスの間叫び続ける。




duration: 15 minutes
date: 30th Apr 2015 
event: パン屋会 / Bakery Meeting
organizer: Shohei Nomoto




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duration: 30 min
date: 23rd September 2014
event: 秋分祭
venue: 金峰山長谷寺
organizer: 秋分祭実行委員会
photo: Art Maru

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“Funeral” 「弔い」

duration: 15 min
date: June 2014
event: 夏の夕べの音を聞く会
organizer: Izumi Sekiya

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“Blue Coral”

duration: 30 min
date: 17th June 2014
event: Miami International Performance Art Festival 
organizer: Charo Quit



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duration: 30 minutes
date: 4th Nov 2013
venue: Academia de San Carlos,Mexico City 
organizer: Pancho Lopez 




”No Title ”

duration: 30 minutes  
date: 23rd Sep 2013
event: Hase-temple Festival vol.3「長谷寺秋分祭」
venue: 金峯山長谷寺






duration: 20 minutes
date: 17th Aug 2013
event:「In-Paf vol1」
venue: Instant42 ,Taiwan



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“For My Friend”

duration: 20minutes
date: 13th July 2013 
event: 風の音が聞こえない
venue: 三田の家 Mita House
organizer: Izumi Sekiya

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duration: 20minutes
date: 21st April 2013 
event: To the wide sunny sky /広く晴れた空へ
venue: organic cafe&gallery Sorairomizutama , Nagoya
organizer: Masaki Hirose, Harumi Terao
descroption: 一年間続けた「Contact」シリーズ。12分にセットしたアラームが鳴るまで、選んだ観客

I continued this performance several times for a year.I contacted with an audience using
only our bodies. The rules of this performance are “Hold both hands. ” and “Continue this
performance until a bell rang (set to 12 minutes)”. He/She pushed back to me as I push him
/her or He/She hold weaker as I hold weak. Some people imitated me and some moved
different as me. This performance looks as if it is a dancing work.

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duration: 10 minutes 
date: 17th May 2012
venue: Nakano
event: 夜の散歩
organizer: Izumi Sekiya


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duration: 20 minutes 
date: 24th Nov 2011
event: 夜の散歩
venue: Yumenoshima park 夢の島
organizer: Izumi Sekiya

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“Pray” 「祈り」

duration: 10 minutes 
date: 28th July 2011
event: ニパフの現在vol.16
venue: Kid Ailack Art Hall
organizer: Seiji Shimoda

I’d made Origami cranes to pray for the people who had suffered from Tohoku Earthquake. In this performance, I unfolded those Origami craned with audiences.


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“Flea” 「ノミ」

duration: 10 minutes 
date: June 2011
event: ニパフの現在vol.15
venue: Kid Ailack Art Hall
organizer: Seiji Shimoda

“River Between You And Me”

duration: 30 minutes 
date: 9th Nov 2010
venue: The art college of Chittagong, Bangladesh
organizer: Seiji Shimoda





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duration: 10 minutes 
date: January 2011
event: ニパフの現在vol.14
venue: Kid Ailack Art Hall
organizer: Seiji Shimoda

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duration: 10 minutes 
date: January 2011
event: ニパフの現在vol.14
venue: Kid Ailack Art Hall
organizer: Seiji Shimoda



1. Maria Seiko Kitayama2009


duration: 15 minutes
date: 8th May 2009   
event: The 16th Nippon International Performance Art Festival
venue: Neon Hall Nagano  長野ネオンホール
organizer: Seiji Shimoda




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duration: 10 minutes
date: January 2009   
event: The 16th Nippon International Performance Art Festival
venue: 横浜ザイム
organizer: Seiji Shimoda


duration: 20 minutes
date: November 2008   
event: Seiko Kitayama solo exhibition
venue: masuii.R.D.R gallery+shop
written and directed: Hoichi Okamoto
puppet and costume: Seiko Kitayama
My first performance work was collaboration with puppeteer Hoichi Okamoto.

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