Chasing a shadow 影を追いかける
Duration: 7:35am to 5:34pm
Date: 10th March 2021
Venue: Mitsukyo Kanagawa

In the woods
Duration: 3 minutes
Date: 18th December 2020
Venue: In the forest at Mitsukyo Kanagawa

Calling for the shadows
Duration: 17 minutes
Date: December 2020
Time: around 2:30-3:00pm
Venue: In the forest at Mitsukyo Kanagawa

Watering In a Square
Duration: 20 minutes
Date: 8th Nov 2020
Event: rooftop pafo +hot pod fun event
Organizer: Maco(Mali) Scentcat
Videocamera: Megumi Shimizu

Life As a Butterfly
Event: SIPAF Solidarity In Performance Art Festival 2020
Organizer: Boyet De Mesa
Venue: Mitukyo Kanagawa
Cooperation of performance: Yohei Kina

Collaboration with Yohei Kina
Duration: 20minites
Date: Sep 2020
Event: Miami International Performance Art Festival online

As rolling down the hill
Date: Aug 2020
Event: Holiday Performance 休日パフォーマンス
Venue: small mountain at Aihara-town Tokyo
Cooperation of performance: Megumi Shimizu

Anger between You and Me
Duration: 13 minutes
Date: 9th August 2017
Event: Nippon International Performance Art Festival Asia

Officially Licensed Performance
Duration:3 hours
Date: 2nd July 2017
Venue: Intersection gallery and outside, Singapore
Event: Performance Art Resource Orchestra
Organizer: Yuzuru Maeda
Cooperation of performance: Ivan Tan

A Leaf Between You and Me 
Duration: 20minites
Date: 1st July 2017
Venue: Golden Mile Tower, Singapore
Event: Performance Art Resource Orchestra
Organizer: Yuzuru Maeda

Trip with
Duration: 1 hour
Date: 27th Apr 2017
event: GUYU International Performance Art Festival 谷雨国際行為芸術祭
Xian China
Organizer: Xian Xixi

Candle Face
Video performance
Duration:40 minutes
Year: 2016
Exhibition: “Cherry-gang-gang”
Venue: Cherry Red 
Organizer: Shunichi Saito

Duration: 20minites
Event: Bakery Meeting
Venue: Suigyokudo, Saitama
Organizer: Shohei Nomoto